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Door to Airport Cargo Service

We provide one of the most competitive Airport to airport rates in the UK, we are also very flexible with collections from your door step and booking dates. Our Airport to Airport shipments are daily and arrive at destination airport within 3-5 days, we also work with clearance agents in many countries hence no matter how big or small consignments are we are here to take away the headache and provide you with excellent service. Rates above 500kg shipments, commercial shipments and recurring Door to Airport shipments please contact us we have very competitive rates in hand. There are more than 50 different air carriers at our disposal, thus we are able to ship to more than 300 destinations world wide. We are excess luggage specialist, if you are travelling and possess luggages/bags more than your allowance you are most likely levied with sky-high charges by the carrier, where as if we ship it for you to the same destination airport you are much likely to save 50-75% of the cost. What is more convenient is we can ship it few days prior to your departure and once you get to your destination airport, all your consignment is there waiting for you or perhaps go home refresh and collect the next day from the airport.

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Door to Airport chargeable weight is based on either gross weight or dimensional weight whichever is greater
An example of when you may be charged on dimensional weight is as follows:
1 x Carton, weighs 20 kilos. Dimensions = 47 x 47 x 78 cms = 29 kilos (volumetric weight chargeable).

To calculate the volumetric weight for Airport to Airport Service, you simply multiply the dimensions in centimetres; (length x width x height) and divide the result by 6000cm.

If you have dimensions of your packages in hand, use below calculator to find out whether you will be charged volumetric/dimensional weight or the actual/gross weight.